Vision Spinner II 1600mAh Battery


If you’re looking for a high powered slim-style variable voltage battery then feast you’re eyes on the Vision Spinner II.

The powerful 1600mAh battery will give you long lasting vaping satisfaction.

The stylish carbon fibre look exterior encases an:

      • upgraded and PCB head (printed circuit board)
      • an ergonomic locking-system spin dial
      • battery level indication
      • variable voltage range: 3.3V – 4.8V
      • charging voltage (input): 4.2V / 420mA
      • The Vision Spinner II is eGo and 510 compatible

Power Indication:

Vision Spinner II displays three colours from the button to indicate the battery usage level 

  • WHITE indicates a remaining 60%-100% battery power 
  • BLUE indicates a remaining 30%-60% battery power 
  • ORANGE indicates a remaining 0%-30% battery power (time to charge) 
  • The button flashes fifteen times in mixed colours to indicate that there is no power at all left in battery and it can no longer function without being properly charged 
Other important facts:

  • Short circuit protection - when battery is on, in case of a short circuit occurred which usually happens if the user operates wrongly during installing a cartomizer onto the battery or connecting USB charger to the battery, the button flashes three times and stop working temporarily until the conditions causing short circuit are removed 
  • Working time protection - when battery is on, in case of pressing the button non-stop for more than eight seconds, the button flashes five times and shut down the output instantly 
  • Charging time - Spinner II, for its large capacity of 1600mA, requires about 5-6 hours to be fully recharged if the the battery has no power at all. 
  • Vision Spinner II, no different to regular eGo batteries – it requires a standard USB charger of 420mA output and a wall adapter of 500mA output. Any use of non-standard chargers, especially with higher output such as iPhone chargers, is likely to damage the battery and can be dangerous.
  • Usage of non-standard chargers on Vision Spinner II is strictly prohibited and immediately invalidates the warranty.

The Vision Spinner II sold by purplebox vapours is a genuine Vision product and is not a clone.

This product will collect 30 purplepoints - worth a loyalty value of €1.50

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Type: Battery

Vendor: Vision

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