eLeaf GS Air Clearomiser


The eLeaf GS Air Clearomiser will take you higher – in watts that is than any other standard clearomiser. 

Designed specifically with the eLeaf iStick in mind, it is capable of reaching the 20W max level offer by the iStick technology. This unit combined with your eLeaf iStick will certainly put your vaping experience on cloud nine. 

The GS Air atomizer is equipped with two parallel 3ohm coils – which brings a high degree of stability and safety compared to single 1.5ohm coils. The GS ensures no leakage or burning taste whilst performing under high wattage.

By adjusting the screw on the base unit you can alter the airflow to the unit to cater for all vaping preferences. Simply loosen the screw to add more air to your draw.

Personalise your GS Air with the interchangeable mouthpiece – add a skull or snake to get funky with your designs.

Add e-liquid by unscrewing the base and pouring gently into the two small holes along the tube. Do not add liquid to the air pipe and do not overfill – leave a small pocket of air to avoid leakage.


Collections: All, Clearomisers & Batteries

Type: Clearomiser

Vendor: iSmoka

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