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We are one of the leading electronic cigarette, e-juice and vaping specialists in Ireland. We are located in Temple Bar at the heart of the vibrant, chic and energetic retail pulse of the city centre. At purplebox vapours, we advise the vaping community about all aspects of their electronic cigarettes. Ireland has begun to evolve and embrace vapers and we hope to continue providing our customers with the best advice.

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Temple Bar is world renowned as a hub of trend setting and forward thinking movements. The continued growth of the vaping scene and the educated switch of smokers from cigarettes to safer electronic cigarettes in Ireland makes us perfectly positioned to take a lead role in the rising vaping debate.

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Ireland’s vaping community is growing rapidly – having a stylish and vibrant vaping store in the heart of the city centre enhances Ireland’s reputation as a progressive and dynamic nation. Visit our shop in Temple Bar, get advice from knowledgeable staff and buy your e-cigarettes in Ireland from a trusted electronic cigarette shop.
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If you can’t get here in person, then just call or email us and we’ll be happy to have a chat. At purplebox vapours we love hearing from our customers and we love feedback on our e cigarettes. Ireland has never had such an active vaping community and we love seeing our vapers trying out our e juice flavours in our Vaporium.

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E-cigarette Vapour Tested on Human Airway Tissue and Found to be Equivalent to Breathing Fresh Air - Toxicology In Vitro report (12/07/2015)

This week saw the publication of results of an experiment to test the cytotoxic impact of e-cigarette vapour on human airway tissue.

The tests performed by the MatTek Corporation; an organisation at the forefront of tissue engineering and world leader in the production of innovative 3D reconstructed tissue models, based in Massachusetts; was rigorous and has been hailed as a potential important step in developing product guidelines and galvanising public policy debates regarding vaping.

The results found that after 6 hours of exposure to ordinary cigarette smoke cells viability was reduced to just 12% (near complete cell death) while the cells exposed to 6 hours of e-cigarette vapour experienced no decrease in viability, i.e. they remained normal as if breathing in normal air. Cells exposed to breathing air were used as a control.

The scientists combined a commercially available 3D model of respiratory epithelial tissue and the popular ‘Vitrocell’ smoking robot, an aerosol exposure system, to assess the irritant potential of e-cigarette vapour from two commercially available e-cigarettes on human airway tissue. The results show that, despite hours of aggressive and continuous exposure, the impact of the e-cigarette vapour on the airway tissue is similar to that of air. Furthermore, the study represents an initial move towards socialising and debating potential industrial guidelines.