Some Practical Issues

How long will my e-liquid last?

This depends on how much you vape but in general a 1.6ml clearomiser will last a 15-20/day smoker most of the day and night before having to refill.

How do I know that my clearomiser needs replacing?

Clearomisers will need changing every 3-4 weeks on average as the wicks become eroded. When little or no vapour is produced and your not getting any flavour from the e-juice it’s time for a change.

How long will my battery last?

This depends on the strength of your battery (measured in mAh), your electronic cigarette model and, of course, your vaping habit. Generally the eGo range of devices have between 650 and 1100 mAh strength batteries, the Joyetech eRoll has a 90mAh battery but uses the Personal Charging Case (PCC) as a constant charging device. Some of the more advanced models, such as the Innokin MVP2, have batteries that have strengths f up to 2600mAh.

A 1000mAh battery can last an equivalent 15 a day smoker approximately 2-3 days. However, many devices are equipped with low battery warning signals to warn you when to top up the charge.

Simply unscrew the battery from the device and screw it on to the charger – then slot the USB connection into your PC/laptop or plug in the wall charger and the lights will indicate the state of your charge. Red means it’s charging – green means good to go.

Most batteries now operate using the 5-click safety mechanism – press 5 times in quick succession to turn on and off. This stops accidental pressing in pockets etc.

How long will an atomiser last?

Atomisers are heating elements and are, therefore, not designed to last forever. Some can last as long as 2 months and some will burn out after a few days, especially low resistance atomisers. However, they are not expensive to replace.

What are variable voltage, wattage and resistance?

As your vaping journey progresses you will start to move through the various devices and want more for your experience. When you buy your first kit the battery will probably have a fixed voltage (normally 3.7V), a fixed atomiser resistance (2.5 ohms) and therefore a fixed wattage or power output (approximately 5.5W).

More complex models allow you to change the voltage of the battery to affect the wattage and power output of the device. These are called Twist batteries, VV batteries or Spinners. Combined with a variance of atomiser resistance you can produce more or less vapour output and more or less of a throat hit when inhaling. Some e-liquids can be more viscous than others and this too can affect the power output of the atomiser and require a alteration to voltage and ohm resistance in order to create your desired sweet spot.

The more interested in vaping you become the more the techie elements will start to intrigue you.

Purplebox vapours will be supplying videos to cover such topics in due course.

Is there a warranty?

Warranties will products will vary – please see our warranty page for further information.

Where can I buy an electronic cigarette and e-liquid?

Well you can buy from our website or call into our shop in Crow Street, Temple Bar, Dublin.