Review of the iTaste MVP3

Review of the iTaste MVP3 by Our Customer David Coady:

I have been using the Innokin iTaste MVP3 for a few weeks now and so far have loved every vaping minute. I did intend to buy the eLeaf 50W mod, but seeing the MVP3 at purplebox vapours, changed my mind very quickly.

mvp3Excellent features include a 6-30 Watt range – scrolling in 0.5 increments and a 3-9 Volt setting options. I use the device with my Kanger Subtank – and the sub ohming performance is excellent – plenty of vapour and great flavour.
Upon closer inspection I immediately fell for the MVP3. I have had the MVP2 before and enjoy the size, appearance and sturdy nature of the MVP series – it feels very comfortable in the hand – although I appreciate the straight edges are not to everyone’s taste. There is also a range of colours available – and purplebox had my preferred black.

Other improvements include a more informative and clear display screen with a proper battery indicator, rather than simply relying on the green, amber, red traffic light system of the MVP2 fire button. But Innokin has not done away with this completely and there is a light indicator on top of the mod also. So the light show is still a feature.

The new flush 510 connection adds to the slick design of the newer model and an eGo adapter is also available in the presentation box.

A major feature of the MVP series is the ability to charge other devices using the inherently strong battery (3800mAh on the MVP3). This model has taken that feature to a portable level by incorporating the cable into the mod – discreetly hidden in the base.

mvp3The MVP series promotes itself on its battery life – however, I have been a little underwhelmed with the MVP3 battery performance. I am only getting a day or two out of my battery, and whilst I do appreciate that fuelling my sub ohm vaping will drain power at a considerable rate, I was hoping for more. There doesn’t seem to be a huge difference when using the Nautilus mini clearomiser either. I could be just a little unlucky with the battery in my device – but it is worth monitoring this aspect of the MVP3. Letting it drain to zero and then giving a full charge may improve performance – we’ll see.
A useful feature no doubt, but the connection is for Android based devices and therefore lacks iPhone connectivity - a little clumsy on the part of Innokin, in my opinion, considering the omnipresence and popularity of the iPhone today.

Many seasoned vapers do question purchasing an MVP3 when there are more advanced mods on the market. Sometimes this comes down to personal taste, and for many the MVP was perhaps their first step into more advanced vaping and the MVP series has a special place in the heart. This is the case for me and I wanted to see what the MVP3 had to offer. Simply adding more power is not for everyone and look, feel and enjoyment was all taken into account when I purchased my new MVP3. As a starter mod I think it’s still one of the best out there – with some very unique features, such as the external charging cable.

The MVP3 is a mod I cannot recommend highly enough – whether it is the size, shape or features that appeal to you it is certainly worth taking a look at when moving from the starter eGo style battery.

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