Recommend A Friend Scheme - €3 For You

In the days of social media and online commentary it’s, sometimes, easy to forget that what a mate says counts. But when your friend, who’s been smoking for 20 years says that he’s started vaping and left cigarettes behind for good – you definitely listen. Your questions tend to start with - what did you get? Where did you go?

We’re pleased to say that a lot of the responses include “head to purplebox vapours in Temple Bar”. So, we get many people walking into the shop telling us a friend or colleague has sent them in based on their enjoyable experience of shopping with us.

recommend a friend schemeWe’ve decided we want to reward this loyalty and respect in some way. So, we’ve introduced an exciting ‘Recommend a Friend’ scheme.

If a customer buys any kit from us and gives your name as their reason for coming in we’ll add 3 Euros to your in-store loyalty balance.

Let me rephrase that – a friend of yours buys a kit from us thanks to your recommendation – YOU GET PAID 3 EUROS.

How’s that for Free Money!