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Advanced Vaping Kits

Advanced vaping kits or ‘mods’ offer additional features that allow the seasoned vaper to tailor, personalise and modify their vaping experience.

By experimenting with facets such as variable voltage, variable wattage, and coil resistance, seasoned vapers are on a quest to find their vaping ‘sweet spot’ with any particular brand of advanced electronic cigarette or flavour of e-liquid.

Variable voltage and wattage settings allow for more vapour cloud production, warmer vapour, stronger throat hits, intensity of flavour and longer battery life.

Brands of Advanced E Cig Kits and ‘Rebuildables’

Advanced e cig kits such as the eLeaf iStick, Innokin MVP2, Innokin 134 Mini or Joyetech Evic, (all in stock at purplebox vapours), also enable the vaper to use more advanced air-flow clearomisers to further enhance the experience.

Delving deeper into the realm of advanced vaping and advanced electronic cigarettes, opens up the world of ‘rebuildables’ – this means that enthusiasts can purchase organic cotton and wire to construct their own coils, allowing them to set their own ohm resistance in the process.

‘Cloud Chasing’ and the Advanced E Cig

Some manufacturers have now produced sub-ohm batteries and clearomisers that allow vapers to produce volcanic style clouds without the need to self-build, for example the Aspire sub-ohm CF battery. If you’re looking to join the ‘cloud chasing’ community, as it’s affectionately known, then this advanced equipment could be for you.

Whatever your reason for jumping into the world of advanced vaping, it may be a good idea to discuss your advanced e cig options with a specialist retailer before making a purchase. At purplebox vapours, we would be delighted to chat you through all the endless possibilities that are available to you.

Happy advanced vaping from purplebox vapours!