Learn about e-Pipes and e-Cigars

What is an E Pipe and an E Cigar?

The e pipe and the e cigar are two distinguished and elegant products from purplebox vapours. If you are a current pipe or cigar smoker looking for a healthier alternative to your tobacco based habit, then look no further as these two products will satisfy your every need. Both vaping products mimic the sensation of the traditional tobacco based pipe and cigar, but without the harmful implications that go along with smoking. The best part is, they look fantastic too!

Switching to an E Pipe in Ireland

Electronic pipes make beautiful gifts for the traditional pipe smoker, while proactively encouraging them towards a healthier lifestyle alternative. At purplebox vapours, our e cig pipe of choice is the ‘eLeaf Wood Finish ePipe II’. It is a refined and very distinguished looking style and the perfect fireside companion. Our e cigar of choice is the ‘DSE 701-5’. A handsome alternative to traditional cigars, this is nicotine free and gives a subtle cigar flavour. It can equally be enjoyed by a traditional cigar smoker, or a non-smoker looking for something different that will not compromise his or her health. If you wish to add to the e cigar experience simply drip a little of our Hangsen 12 or 18mg Cigar e-liquid onto the organic cotton cartomiser to replicate the full cigar experience.

E Pipes, The Perfect Gift

Whether it is a birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day, or an anniversary gift, wives, girlfriends, sisters, or daughters are always looking for interesting and innovative gifts. Forget the dad socks and the Lynx set and choose electronic pipes instead. An e cig pipe makes a fun talking point for any man who has wanted to dabble, but never wanted to take up a smoking habit. And if he is someone who is trying to kick the habit, then this is ideal. Our e pipes and e cigars come in beautiful presentation boxes.

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