Learn about Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

What is a Disposable Electronic Cigarette?

A disposable e cigarette is a variety of electronic cigarette that contains disposable cartomisers or completely disposable units. For the vaping beginner, the curious, or the hard core smoker looking to test the waters, a disposable electronic cigarette is a great option. It is an easy solution to dip your toes into the vaping experience, without having to invest too much. With most disposables, if you are a complete newbie to the vaping scene, there is no set up required and no extra e liquids or adaptors to contend with. You can simply just start vaping. For some people who occasionally want to vape, but who do want to commit to vaping fulltime, they can make a great party accessory.

Our Brands of Disposable E Cigarette

Our collection of disposable electronic cigarettes includes the Jasper & Jasper tobacco and menthol range and the e-Hookah and e-Shisha 0% nicotine varieties. You will find details on the specific aspects of all of these brands of disposable e cigarettes by clicking on the links and images below.

What are Disposable Hookah Pens?

Bringing the fun and party atmosphere to vaping, disposable hookah pens imitate the sensation of smoking a hookah pipe, but without the hassle of actually dragging along a large hookah pipe to your next party. The best thing about these is they have a LED crystal light at the end of the disposable hookah pen that glows as you puff on them. Think of them as glow sticks for vapers. A great talking point for any party. E-hookah sticks last for 800 puffs.

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