Learn about Clearomisers & Batteries

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What Are Clearomisers?

A simple definition of a clearomiser would include it being the body or tank that holds the e-liquid and encompasses the atomiser and wick structure. It also connects to the e cig battery to produce the vapour when using an e-cigarette or vaping device.

However, like many aspects of vaping, the clearomiser has been subject to enormous technical innovations in the last number of years. The coils that consist of the wicks and heating elements have advanced, variable air-flow is a new innovation, and the ability to personalise the driptip or mouthpiece are all new facets that have developed.

Bottom Coil Vs Top Coil Clearomisers

The development of next generation bottom coil clearomisers means that liquid is not being drawn up through long wicks to the coil located at the top of the clearomiser. This enables a more constant flow of liquid across the coil and as e liquid in the tank reduces this eliminates the amount of dry hits experienced by previously dry wicks.

Some of the more advanced clearomisers, such as the Nautilus, have now incorporated BVC’s (bottom vertical coils) to ensure an even better flow of vapour through the coil structure. Some vapers still prefer top coil as they can be less prone to flooding and can produce a hotter vapour, as the vapour travels less distance before hitting the throat.

Personalising Your e Cig Battery and Clearomiser

Rebuildable clearomisers allow vapers to tinker ‘under the bonnet’, so to speak, and use cotton and wire to build their own wick structures. This can be fun – but best left to the more expert vapers. Certain manufacturers have released clearomisers that can take both a pre-made atomiser and enjoy self-build access to the inner workings: the best of both worlds and better suited to the more advanced vaper.

Clearomisers with adjustable air-flow functionality allow the vaper to change the tightness of the draw through the drip tip. Adding more air to the liquid as you vape can also enhance the flavour of your chosen e liquid. Whatever type you choose, finding the right balance between the voltage from the electronic cigarette battery and the resistance in the coil unit make for enjoyable experimentation.