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Electronic Cigarette Accessories at purplebox vapours

At purplebox vapours, we have a huge range of e cig coils and e cig accessories. If you are a vaper looking to maximise your vaping experience, you will absolutely love our range. For many vapers, our vaping accessories section is where we see true vapers come out to play. Letting a vaper loose in this section is akin to letting a child loose in a toy shop! For the beginner, it makes the world of vaping and e cigs even more intriguing. For the experienced vaper, it opens up their eyes to further possibilities for getting the most out of their vaping journey.

Our Wide Range of E Cig Accessories

Not content to simply offer a basic e cig range, we really do cater to the whole vaping community. Have a look through our individual product items and you will see many items you did not know even existed! The best part about our product range is that it lends itself to experimentation so well. We have had many friends and relatives pop into our store, or contact us online, looking to make a purchase for the vaper in their life and they are often drawn to our electronic cigarette accessories range.

Items available for purchase in our store include:

Looking for E Cig Coils? Look no Further

If you are looking for a replacement e cig coil, or you are building your own advanced personal vaporiser and you want to look at the options available to you; we have got you covered! We carry multiple options across multiple popular brands including Aspire, Joyetech, Innokin and Kangertech. We would be happy to make recommendations.