Kangertech EVOD Kit Review

The Kangertech EVOD falls into the ‘Starter Kit’ category, meaning it’s easy to set up and go. Not complicated by variable voltage or wattage settings that some seasoned vapers favour.

kanger evod kit from purplebox vapoursThe bottom coil technology is excellent for a mid priced starter kit and the even, constant flow of e-liquid through the heating coil produces a very acceptable amount of vapour and super flavour.
The kit comes well packaged with two complete units, each with a 650mAh battery. The pack also contains 5 extra spare coils, USB charging cable and an EU wall adapter.

The 650mAh batteries will last the day with average vaping usage and having a second as back up is a real plus. The firing button is sleek and well placed and the battery heads have both an eGo and a 510 thread to accommodate a wide range of clearomisers.

Some of our customer comments regarding the EVOD include:

“The EVOD is a delight and made sticking with vaping very easy. I’d tried the ‘cig-a-like’ models before and not continued past the first few days, but have been using my EVOD for 3 months now and not gone back to cigarettes.”

“Buying an EVOD has opened up the whole world of e-juices to me. With two units I generally have two flavours on the go – a coffee for my morning coffee and a fruit for the rest of the day. It’s a wonderful device – thanks purplebox for the recommendation.”

“I was overwhelmed when I searched vaping online but getting a feel of the EVOD in a professional vaping shop really simplified my decision. After a month of using it I feel so much healthier – I can taste food and don’t smell like an ashtray all day. I’ve bought two EVODS for my friends and have them off the cigarettes too. Over the moon.”

The EVOD is priced at €49.00 at purplebox vapours and for December and January 2015 we will include 2 FREE 10ml e-juices to get you going. So call in to get the low-down for yourself.