The celebrated rallying cry from Noddy Holder is universally acknowledged as the starting-gun to the festive season. Work parties, social gatherings, drinks with old pals all lead to us drinking more, eating more and smoking more over the next few weeks.

purplebox christmas party picThis year – change the dynamic. Throw a curve ball at the resolution stats.
What follows is the New Year Hangover – over 45% of us make New Year Resolutions: quit the booze for a month, get fit, STOP SMOKING. Only 20% keep any of the well-intentioned resolutions past 2 months! 

How? Start early.

70% of smokers puff more over the Christmas party season – meaning it’s harder to stick to that ‘Quit Smoking’ resolution in January. Most smokers increase their consumption by an average of 3-5 cigarettes per day during December.

So as we head into party season – TRY VAPING.

Vaping is not an all or one solution – it’s perfectly acceptable to vape and have the odd cigarette in the social scene. Don’t feel that you have to stop immediately if you’re giving vaping a go – one less cigarette per day in your life is already a success.

Our customers tell us that by doing both and not punishing themselves when they have a cigarette they are more likely to stick with their electronic device. As they vape their taste buds and senses are reawakened and naturally they begin to loathe the acrid burning taste of traditional cigarettes. By not considering having the odd cigarette as the end of their vaping journey, our customers see a natural diminishing of tobacco cigarette dependence and begin to automatically reach for the healthier alternative when in need of a nicotine hit.

So, this December reduce your traditional cigarette consumption by adding Vaping to your routine and by January you’ll find leaving tobacco behind a whole lot easier. 

And here’s another incentive – 98% of children would sacrifice Christmas presents to have their parents stop smoking. So, give the kids a gift that really counts this Christmas.

If you need convincing see our facts and figures on why VAPING really is the Healthy Alternative.