E-Cigarette Starter Kits

What is an E Cigarette Starter Kit?

An electronic cigarette starter kit from purplebox vapours contains everything a beginner could need to start their vaping journey. Our most basic e cigarette starter kit includes a rechargeable battery, clearomiser, USB charger and instruction manual. For vapers looking for more advanced vaping kits, we offer top-of-the-range options which include variable voltage (VV), variable wattage (VW) and power meter functions. Or simply add a 1000mAh VV spinner battery to enhance your vaping experience. Free 10ml Hangsen e-juice with every complete kit purchase.

Choosing Your Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Our top tip for any vaping beginner; start with a basic starter kit to enjoy the initial vaping experience. Experiment a little, and then work up to the more advanced vaping kits over time. If you are already comfortable with your e cigarette starter kit, we have a wide variety of additional extras for you to enhance your vaping. These include a range of variable voltage batteries, air-flow tanks, bottom-coil clearomisers and many additional accessories.

Brands of Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

At purplebox vapours, we currently sell vaping and electronic cigarette starter kits from brands including Joyetech, Kangertech, Innokin, Vision and e-liquids from Decadent Vapours. If you have any queries about any of our e cigarette starter kits, get in contact, or call into us today. We would love to help answer your questions and give you the facts.

Contact Us For Your E Cigarette Starter Kits

If you are a beginner in the vaping world, or you know someone who is, you will love the huge range of vaping kits we have on offer. Enjoy your vaping experience and give us a call on 01 65 88 696 or simply drop us an email at .We would be delighted to make recommendations, answer any queries you have and get your feedback on our range of products.