Clapton Coils Explained

Clapton Coils

One of the newest fads in the vaping industry is actually something you may have seen before, but just didn’t know it had a name: the ‘Clapton’ coil.

What is it?

purplebox vapours explains the Clapton CoilIt’s simply a smaller gauge wire wrapped perpendicularly around a larger gauge wire. The current from your device flows through the larger gauge wire, which slowly heats up the smaller wire. With the additional wire added to this type of coil, it will actually take a little more time for the coil to heat up; however, a heated Clapton coil has additional surface area to vaporise e-juice, making them much more efficient.

Why haven’t we seen more Clapton coils out there until now?

They’re a really complex build and take a lot of patience to create on your own. The outer wire needs to be wrapped tightly around the inner one, which may be too difficult for some to handle. That’s changing, though, since coil manufacturers are pre-building these coils in the factory, and cloud and flavour chasers may want to consider this new type of coil since they no longer have to create them on their own.

The Clapton Coil Advantage

The biggest benefit to a Clapton coil is the additional surface area. It makes sense if you think about it: the more surface area a coil has, the more heated wire is making contact with the e-juice. The result in theory should be higher vapour production, which in turn should produce more flavour versus a standard coil. General feedback has found that they work much better than standard, single wire coils.

There are a few considerations you’ll need to keep in mind, though. First of all, you’re going to go through a bit more e-juice with a Clapton coil -since there’s more wire working to vaporise the e-juice. Also remember that while these coils take slightly longer to heat up, once they do, they’re going to throw off a lot of extra heat. This means warmer vapour, so if you aren’t into that and prefer a cooler vape, a Clapton coil may not be for you.

Of course, with a temperature-controlled mod you’ll be able to manage this — but if you’re using a Clapton in a non-TC mod this is something you’ll need to live with.

Anyway – enjoy your experience.