About purplebox vapours

Our goal at purplebox vapours is to bring the best electronic cigarette and vaping kits, e-liquids and vaping expertise to Ireland. 

While e-cigarette users and vaping communities are springing up across the US, UK and many countries of Europe, Ireland remains relatively new to the vaping concept.

We first came across electronic cigarettes in the US a few years ago, and whilst the models were fairly clunky they were certainly revolutionary. Now early e-cigarette adopters are knowledgeable vapers and US states are peppered with specialist vaping shops and designated vaping bars.

However, ‘vaping’ is becoming increasingly popular in Ireland as traditional cigarette smokers and disposable e-cigarette users learn more about enjoying e-juice flavours, varying nicotine levels and choosing more sophisticated e-cigarette models.

purplebox vapours is leading the way in bringing a healthier alternative to smoking to the people of Ireland. We pride ourselves on our customer-focused attitudes, our range of products from world-renowned manufacturers and knowledgeable staff.

Choosing purplebox vapours to explore smoking alternatives and continue your vaping journey will change your life for the better.

Call us today on 01 65 88 696 or 087 250 8731, or even better – come and see us in the shop in Crow Street, Temple Bar, Dublin.

Now enjoy your browse and take a look at some of the kits we can offer you.