The benefits of having a separate battery for your tank or clearomiser means you can swap tanks at will – want a different flavour, don’t waste juice – simply screw a new tank to your battery. Concerned you’ll run out of charge when out and about – simple, carry a spare battery.

Check out our selection of e cig batteries from popular brands such as eLeaf and Artery Vapor.

purplebox vapours also offers an extensive range of clearomisers or tanks. A clearomiser is the part of the device that holds the e-liquid; it connects to the e cig battery to create vapour. Recent innovations in this area mean that seasoned vapours can personalise their tank to enjoy a more customised experience. Some tanks are made for sub ohm vaping, (using coils with a less than 1 ohm resistance), for larger clouds and some are for mouth to lung vaping with coils of over 1 ohm resistance. Some offer variable airflow and wide bore drip tips.

Shop our large selection of e cig batteries and clearomisers online or in-store at our Temple Bar and Stephen Street shops in Dublin. Get in touch with our specialists today to find out more about upgrading your e cigarette battery, investing in a new clearomiser and discussing the features that suit your style of vaping.

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