Recent Evidence Suggests Vaping Can Break Smoking Habit and Is No Gateway to Real Smoking

by Steve Barrett

Recent Evidence Suggests Vaping Can Break Smoking Habit and Is No Gateway to Real Smoking

E-Cigarettes Can Help Break The Habit of a Lifetime

Conclusions in two recent studies have solidified the claims that electronic cigarettes can help smokers leave traditional cigarettes behind and offered further evidence that vaping is not a gateway into real cigarette smoking.

The first study by Belgian scientists from the universities of Leuven and Antwerp, led by Prof. Frank Baeyens, set out to investigate the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes as a ‘quit-smoking aid’. The experiment split 48 smokers into three groups and each group endured 3 lab sessions over an 8-month period.

  • Groups 1 & 2: Refrained from smoking for over 4 hours and then vaped for 5 minutes. Researchers monitored the subsequent cravings, withdrawal symptoms and measured carbon monoxide and saliva cotinine levels.
  • Group 3: Could only smoke traditional cigarettes.

In between each lab session Groups 1 and 2 could smoke or vape at will but Group 3 could only smoke. Following the final lab session (after 5 months) Group 3 was also given electronic cigarettes to trial.

Up to 6 months following the trial, participants were asked to respond to questionnaires detailing their experiences, both good and bad, of e-cigarettes.

Results showed that:

  • Following the 4 hour smoking abstinence and then switching to e-cigarettes the craving for traditional cigarettes was satisfied in a similar way to smoking a normal cigarette.
  • After the 5 month mark 37% of the e-cigarettes groups had stopped smoking and after only 3 months of use the initial Control Group reported a 38% cessation rate in smoking.
  • The final result was that of all groups 44% had stopped smoking completely and by those continuing to smoke an overall reduction of 60% in the number of cigarettes smoked each day was recorded.

prof frank baeyens

Whilst the scientific group acknowledge that further studies have to be conducted with larger numbers of participants, Prof. Frank Baeyens has highlighted that the study showed:

“Remarkable eight month reductions in or complete abstinence from tobacco smoking was achieved with the e-cigarette in almost half of the participants.” 

The conclusions showed dramatic results compared to previous tests with other smoking cessation aids such as patches or gums.


Office for National Statistics (ONS) says Gateway Fears Unfounded

Their study concluded that users of electronic cigarettes are almost entirely current or former smokers, and the overall proportion of adult smokers has fallen over the last three decades.
The ONS has concluded from their recent findings that concerns that e-cigarettes might lead to people smoking are unfounded.

The UK smoking population fell from 46% in 1974 to 19% in 2013. Their survey found that over half of e-cigarette users had started vaping to help quit smoking. Only 0.14% of users had not smoked previously.

Professor Kevin Fenton, National Director of Health & Wellbeing at Public Health England commented:

“Balanced and effective regulation of e-cigarettes will help manage the risks and maximize the potential for these products to replace smoking – greatly reducing smoking related disease that kills nearly 80,000 people in England every year.”

Studies such as these are increasingly showing how useful and beneficial electronic cigarettes are in the fight against tobacco. purplebox vapours looks forward to considered, proportionate and sensible regulation from the Irish Government to ensure standards remain high amongst suppliers in the industry.

(Any opinions are those of purplebox vapours)

Steve Barrett
Steve Barrett


Steve is passionate about changing people's lives for the better by helping them switch to vaping. Life is definitely more colourful smoke free. purplebox vapours is built upon expert advice, customer service and helping you choose the right product to make your vaping journey a success.

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