The Numbers Are Adding Up

by Steve Barrett

The Numbers Are Adding Up

The evidence is mounting that vaping and electronic cigarettes are having a hugely positive effect on society.

New recent studies have destroyed the myths, lies and general scaremongering tactics employed by various authorities and the tobacco industry to discourage people from moving to vaping and changing their lives for the better.

In the first study of its kind the International Journal of Environmental Research & Public Health has published its findings from a survey conducted with participation of 19,414 worldwide vapers.

It found that:

  • 81% of former smokers have completely substituted tobacco cigarettes for a vaping alternative
  • 12% of vapers who still use tobacco cigarettes reported a reduced smoking consumption from 20 cigarettes to 4 per day
  • Nicotine strength of e-liquid decreased from an initial average of 18mg/mL to 12mg/mL as usage progressed
  • 3.5% of vapers used nicotine free e-liquid
  • Top reasons listed for switching to vaping included:
    • Being free of the unhealthy habit
    • Reducing secondary smoking exposure to family members
    • Economic reasons
    • Variety of flavours
  • Over 50% reported health benefits following their switch to vaping. These included:
    • Better breathing
    • Olfactory and gustatory sense improvement
    • Better sleeping patterns
    • Improvement in mood and appetite
    • Improved sexual performance
  • Of the 81% of the former smokers now vaping, 27% reported having a chronic illness before switching. These included: asthma, hypertension, diabetes, obstructive lung disease. 18.7% reported an improvement in their condition following the move to vaping.

New Evidence Cannot Be Ignored

Dr. Peter Hajak of the the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies at Queen Mary University of London also conducted a study of 657 adults. In his study of tobacco smoking cessation he used controlled groups of vapers, smokers using patches and vapers using 0% nicotine as a placebo. While the scientists admit that more research in controlled environments is needed the results were very positive for e-cigarette use and smokers were more likely to quit and stay off traditional cigarettes whilst vaping.

His view is that “regulating e-cigarettes and leaving traditional cigarettes will result in tobacco cigarettes retaining their market monopoly, and we will never learn if e-cigarettes would replace traditional cigarettes if allowed to continue evolving and competing on even terms.”

Professor Robert West, a leading addiction expert in the UK, has also stated publicly that “if we (the UK) don’t embrace electronic cigarettes we are condemning people to death who otherwise would have lived.

He adds, “It’s not dangerous to be near someone who is using an electronic cigarette, there is no evidence and very little reason to believe that it is going to renormalize smoking. So what is the problem?

An insightful question indeed.

What next?

With doctors in Ireland anecdotally imploring smoking patients to switch to the safer electronic option, is it not time for the Department of Health to get on board and support the vaping revolution.

Regulation on standards would be welcomed:

  • ensure that e-liquids are safe and labelled correctly
  • impose standards on the devices being sold
  • create a licenced supplier certification to eradicate low grade unsafe imports being sold in newsagents
  • impose a legal over 18 age limit

But bear in mind that as Health Ministers there is a real chance to change the course of history for the better in relation to tobacco addiction. If Ireland fails to support the increasing use of electronic vaping devices can the people in power realistically claim to be looking after the health of the nation or are they simply too reliant on the tobacco tax revenues?

What’s your view?

Steve Barrett
Steve Barrett


Steve is passionate about changing people's lives for the better by helping them switch to vaping. Life is definitely more colourful smoke free. purplebox vapours is built upon expert advice, customer service and helping you choose the right product to make your vaping journey a success.

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