The Great Flavour Debate

The Great Flavour Debate

by Steve Barrett

The great flavour debate…

The media have latched on to vaping in a big way – mainly because smoking is a hot topic and vaping is so new that a pejorative e-cigarette headline is guaranteed coverage. As vaping is increasingly found to be a beneficial and a much safer alternative to smoking media attention has centred around the term ‘juvenile flavours of e-liquid’.

The argument focuses on whether flavours with names such as ‘bubblegum’, ‘candy crush’, ‘vanilla custard’ or ‘tutti-fruity’ appeal to the younger generation and entice them to start vaping and therefore develop a nicotine addiction.

However, once again, these articles are mainly based on a pre-emptive opinion as opposed to qualified research.

Tell us your views on the ‘juvenile flavour debate’ and what are your favouite flavours as you continue to enjoy vaping?

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