On The Level - What's the right nicotine content for you?

by Steve Barrett

On The Level - What's the right nicotine content for you?

On The Level

Here at purplebox vapours we get many of our new vaping aficionados wondering what level of nicotine content to start vaping at.

Whilst I won’t go into the medical research available on nicotine right now - it is worth saying that it the least harmful aspect of smoking traditional cigarettes. An addictive stimulant it is, but a killer it is not. Nicotine has similar addictive qualities to that of caffeine.

The Right Level for You

If you’re trying to cut down or stop your cigarette habit completely then it is very important you find the correct nicotine level e-liquid to suit your previous habit. Why? Well, by getting the level right you’re giving yourself the best chance on sticking to vaping.

 purplebox vapours e-liquid nicotine content

Too little nicotine will leave you needing a further hit and you may well return to cigarettes and dismiss vaping as not right for you. Too much, and you may well experience headaches, too harsh a throat hit or upset stomach and come to a similar conclusion: vaping just doesn’t work for me.

Don’t Bail Whatever Happens

A word of encouragement – if you have started vaping and in a moment of doubt or pressure have resorted to a tobacco cigarette don’t give vaping up as a bad idea or something you can’t take to. Don’t beat yourself up – just get back on the horse and start again – get some advice on the nicotine content and start vaping again – it really will change your life.

The Level Playing Field

So here’s the purplebox vapours guide to structuring you nicotine level intake:

Quantity of Traditional Cigarettes

Corresponding e-Liquid Nicotine Level

Non Smoker
0 – 5 cigarettes/day
10 – 20 cigarettes/day
12mg – 18mg
A pack per day
More than a pack a day


Honesty is the Best Policy

Most people do underestimate their traditional cigarette intake – forgetting about the additional weekend smokes when out with friends or the extra packet bought on a night out. So make an honest log of your habit and then discuss your plan with the purplebox staff to devise the right programme for you.

Don’t forget as your vaping journey progresses you can begin to lower your nicotine content and ultimately end up on a zero nicotine strength and simply enjoy vaping for the flavours and social aspect.

If you want to discuss a programme and keep track of your path to a healthier lifestyle why not call in to us in Temple Bar if you can and we’ll take it from there – together.

Vaping really will change your life. So Happy Vaping!

Steve Barrett
Steve Barrett


Steve is passionate about changing people's lives for the better by helping them switch to vaping. Life is definitely more colourful smoke free. purplebox vapours is built upon expert advice, customer service and helping you choose the right product to make your vaping journey a success.

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