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Smoking in 2018: Where are We Now?

by Steve Barrett

As of 2018, there are one billion smokers in the world – that’s one in seven people! This figure gets even higher when you look solely at low and middle-income countries which make up a staggering four in five of the world’s smokers.

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The Smoke Economy-How Much Could You Save...

by Steve Barrett

See our infographic on 'The Smoke Economy' and how cigarette companies continue to make money. Look at the Key Takeaways and imagine what you could do the money you would save by switching to Vaping...

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The Psychology of Vaping & Why it Succeeds - Infographic

by Steve Barrett

Studies have revealed that vaping is easily one of the best ways to kick the smoking habit. In fact, 40.8% of smokers who had used vaping to quit had completely eliminated tobacco from their lives after one year. This is immensely successful when compared to traditional methods such as nicotine patches, gum and going cold turkey which resulted in only 5% of quitters remaining smoke-free twelve months after. This stat prompts the question: is the money quitters are spending on such products really worth it?

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