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Smoking Vs Vaping Eradicating the Myths (Video)

by Steve Barrett

Our video looks at how scientific research has debunked some of the most common misconceptions about e-cigarettes to give you a clearer picture of the difference between vaping and smoking.

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Oxford Academic Journal Bans Authors Using the Term 'Tobacco Products'

by Steve Barrett

Oxford Academic - a renowned scholastic journal will no longer allow authors to call vaping devices tobacco products. In an editorial entitled “Are e-cigarettes tobacco products?”, editor-in-chief Marcus Munafò explains that the journal will only use the term “tobacco products” to describe items that contain actual leaf tobacco.

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Smoking in 2018: Where are We Now?

by Steve Barrett

As of 2018, there are one billion smokers in the world – that’s one in seven people! This figure gets even higher when you look solely at low and middle-income countries which make up a staggering four in five of the world’s smokers.

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