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purplebox Infographic Highlighting Cancer Res. UK Vaping Survey

by Steve Barrett

Cancer Research UK has released the results of their long-term Vaping study.

Enjoy our infographic which condenses and highlights the salient results from the survey.

Very positive - we believe. Now let's see if the legislative bodies listen and strive to encourage rather than hinder the success of Vaping.

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Purplebox Vapours Response to HIQA Public Consultation on Smoking Cessation Interventions in Ireland

by Steve Barrett

Purplebox vapours responds to the HIQA call for Public Consultation on Vaping & e-cigarettes as a Smoking Cessation Interventions in Ireland.

It is important to have YOUR say and help shape the future of Vaping in Ireland.

Click HERE to add your contribution to the consultation process.

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The Vaping Effect - Smoking Rates Fall to Lowest Level Ever

by Steve Barrett

‘Smoking rates in England fall to lowest on record’ isn’t much of a headline in itself. Smoking rates have been in long-term decline for decades, so any given year is likely to have the fewest smokers on record.

What Deborah Arnott, of ASH, cannot quite bring herself to say is that it is the e-cigarette, not big government interference, that has been the game-changer. As Public Health England has acknowledged, e-cigarettes are the most popular stop-smoking aid.

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