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Cancer Research UK - Clearing the Air of Nicotine Myths

by Steve Barrett

Cancer Research UK is now initiating a campaign to separate nicotine from smoking and to debunk the myths surrounding nicotine and endorse vaping and e-cigarettes as a much healthier and successful alternative to smoking.

Read our blog to watch the full interview.

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Switch to Vaping to Avoid ‘Almost all of the Harm from Smoking,’ says Royal College of Physicians

by Steve Barrett

A new report released today from the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), Nicotine without smoke: tobacco harm reduction, should provide reassurance and encouragement to smokers that vaping is a viable option for quitting. The 200-page report concludes that in the interest of public health it is important to widely promote vapour products as substitutes for cigarettes. The extensive analysis also estimates that vapour products are likely pose no more than 5% of the risks associated with cigarettes, with the authors further noting that the actual figure may be substantially lower.

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How To Tickle Your Vaping Taste Buds

by Steve Barrett

Taste buds are an extremely powerful weapon in your sensory arsenal. The taste buds on your tongue combined with the olfactory receptors in your nose make everything you eat, drink or in our case vape taste the way it should.

But what causes your favourite vape flavour to lose its wow factor and what can you do to reenergise your taste buds - we take a look...

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